Base Membership
Regular $200.00
Student $100.00
* full-time/post secondary with proof of enrollment  
New member $100.00
*Those who have not held an HCC membership in the past three years (2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017)
Unlimited Evening Draw Curling
-includes sparing priviliges for evening draws $200.00
Unlimited Women's Daytime Curling (Halifax Ladies Curling Club)
-includes sparing privileges for daytime draws


*Rise and Shiners Curling
Wednesday Mornings $150.00
*Saturday Morning Curling
Saturday Mornings $150.00
*Green Horn League
Sunday Afternoons $150.00
Practice Membership $50.00
Social Membership $50.00
 (No base fee or curling priviliges)  
Drop-in Fees
Members $10 /game

$10 /game (Max 5 games)

 *Drop in fees applicable to Saturday morning, Rise and Shine, and Green Horn  
Max Fee $599.00

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